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OPOS Documentation

Documentation for the OPOS Drivers

T25 Windows USB Device Driver

The Windows USB device drivers are required for the OPOS installations.

OPOS Setup Files

Installation for OPOS drivers

Microsoft POS Tester

Instructions for installing and testing the OPOS driver using the Microsoft POS Tester.

OLE Drivers

This driver supports older versions of OPOS for Windows.

PowaPOS OPOS installer requirements

· .Net Framework 4.5
· jre1.8.0_65 (x64) n
· Microsoft Point of Service (POSforDotNet-1.14)

T25 Windows USB Driver Setup

The T-Series Windows USB Device Driver must be installed to enable communication between the Windows tablet and the T-Series.

1) Locate the “PowaPoS_T25.inf” and “PowaPOS_T25.cat” files in a directory on your machine

2) Right click on the “PowaPOS_T25.inf” file and select “Install”

3) If you receive a Security Warning, click “Open” and “Allow the program to make changes to this computer” 3) When
prompted select “Install” to complete the installation of the device driver supplied by “Smart Business Technology, Inc”

4) You should receive a final pop up stating that “The operation completed successfully”. Click “OK”

Registry setup

Once you install the OPOS drivers you will have to update the windows registry (regedit)

For 64bit machines please place the link to the service object here:


For 32bit machines please place the link to the service object here:

HKLM/SOFTWARE/POSfor.NET/Control assemblies