MFi Certification

The MFi program is an Apple licensing program for enabling electronic devices, to connect to iPod, iPhone and iPad.

All PowaPOS T-Series products are licensed through this program.

In order to have your App approved and made available on Apple’s pp Store, please follow the instructions below:

1. Down load the PowaPOS iOS SDK from the Developer Portal.

2. Enroll in Apple iOS Developer Program.

3. After you develop your App, complete the Application Information Sheet located in the Apple MFI section of the developer portal.

4. PowaPOS sends your Application Information Sheet to Apple.

5. After Apple notifies PowaPOS the Application Information Sheet has been reviewed, PowaPOS will notify you, usually within 5 business days.

6. Submit your App to the Apple App Store and enter the MFI PPID in the app metadata review notes field.

Protocol name(s) that are supported by our devices:
T25: com.powa.mcu
S10: com.powa.s10

PPID for the approved MFI devices
T25 PPID: 146124-0006
S10 PPID: 146124-0009

7. Apple reviews and posts the App to the App Store within 1 to 2 weeks if Apple has no other concerns regarding the App. Apple will notify you directly when this process is completed.

MFi Certification Form

Download the MFI Certification form

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